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Concealment Solutions

Concealment Solutions

Wireless carriers are faced with the enormous challenge of expanding network capacity to meet consumer demand for increased data speeds. Due to the maturation of wireless networks, carriers must creatively look to place new site infrastructure in densely populated urban areas as well as high barrier suburban locations. In these areas, Local residents and public officials will often look to impede the placement of new wireless infrastructure due to their concerns of the impact on neighborhood aesthetics and property values. This is when concealment solutions become necessary.

Fullerton recognizes the challenge of integrating concealment solutions into the site construction process. Creative and cost-effective design tactics are required to solve this challenge. Building on our expertise in site design and engineering solutions, and capitalizing on our close relationships with multiple concealment product manufacturers, Fullerton has created a Concealment Solutions group dedicated to assist in aligning the wireless carriers’ deployment goals with that of landlord and/or jurisdictional development standards.

Service Offerings

The Concealment Solutions group offers full service solutions from site inception to project closeout for every concealment challange.  The examples of these services include:

  • Site selection/feasibility review
  • Photo simulations
  • Concealment manufacturer engagement and coordination
  • Final Concealment Design Coordination
  • Building Permit Support
  • Bid Package Development
  • Pre Bid Meetings
  • Bid Review and Qualifications
  • Production and Shop Drawing Review
  • Final Budget and Schedule Updates
  • Concealment Material Procurement
  • Inventory Verification
  • Concealment Construction Support
  • Quality Control Inspections
  • Change Order Evaluation
  • Final Punchlist Creation and Resolution
  • Final Installation Certification
  • Project Closeout Package
  • Warranty & Maintenance Reviews


Why Choose Fullerton?

  • Single point of contact and accountability
  • Multifaceted expertise dealing with design and implementation of complex projects
  • A non-biased consulting methodology, which will guarantee cost effective and time efficient solutions
  • Technical approach to site evaluation, project design and site implementation
  • Seamless management of site selection, design, vendor coordination, permitting and construction
  • Effective Project Management Services ensuring quality on time and on budget concealment projects

Providing superior solutions for over 18 years and licensed in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, Fullerton has successfully participated in the engineering and design of over 30,000 telecommunication sites and hundreds of route miles.