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Fullerton’s staff of experienced and licensed engineers provides expert engineering consultation to our clients and also maintains a leadership role during the design and construction phases of all projects. To ensure efficient and productive engineering processes, clients engage Fullerton early in the development stages. This approach enables us to work closely with each client to provide conceptual planning and design consulting as early as possible. We focus on understanding each client’s mission, goals and objectives, and ultimately work in tandem with our clients to engineer integrity into their development projects.

Service Offerings

Fullerton assists in real estate and municipal approval negotiations by providing the following services:

  • Survey site for conceptual consulting and planning

  • Review of applicable codes, regulations and ordinances
  • Create initial review documents such as lease exhibits
  • Develop professional photo simulations
  • Engage in direct communication with owner’s consultants
  • Coordinate and manage field mock-ups and balloon testing
  • Assist in regulatory approvals from federal and state agencies
  • Manage outsourced experts for NEPA/SHPO reports and other compliance requirements
  • Design final zoning documents and in some instances coordinate full submittal process
  • Provide required structural or other engineering reports
  • Attend zoning hearings and provide expert testimony

Fullerton’s scope during the permit and construction phases includes:

  • Budget and schedule planning regarding all design documents
  • Analyze applicable code for integration into plans
  • Coordinate design and application approvals with utility companies
  • Incorporate client standards and specifications into all documents and reports
  • Develop permit, bid and construction plans in AutoCAD®
  • Respond to all municipal concerns resulting from permit process
  • Attend pre-bid meetings and in some cases facilitate bid process
  • Respond to construction requests for information in a timely manner
  • Manage and coordinate third party inspection services either for client or municipal approval
  • Create as-built drawings either from client provided documents or field observation



Fullerton is also capable of responding to client requests for large-scale audits of existing sites. For such assignments, our scope typically consists of the following:

  • Analyze and understand client-created documents and scope of work for information gathering
  • Deploy in-house staff or partner vendors to collect data including field measurements, equipment documentation and photo logs
  • Create in-house, high volume reports and designs while maintaining exceptionally high quality control systems
  • Provide daily schedule updates and final upload to client databases

Fullerton is recognized as a leader in the engineering industry and as a preferred vendor for structural engineering solutions for these key reasons:

  • Nationally registered professional design firm
  • Employ licensed professionals in all 50 states and the District of Columbia
  • Coordinate and deploy exceptionally skilled human resources to any location throughout the country
  • Incorporate our extensive experience in all types of projects, whether in urban, suburban or rural environments
  • Retrieve archived documents that may apply to client projects utilizing our internal database compiled from our excellent archiving process
  • Provide our staff with informational meetings from vendors and suppliers in order to stay current with latest materials, products and industry trends
  • Use current versions of state of the art engineering and graphic design software
  • Employ expert knowledge of applicable codes and industry standards in the disciplines of and engineering, structural, civil, electrical and mechanical and grounding
  • Manage and procure vendors as required for supplemental services such as: land surveying, geotechnical investigations, regulatory compliance and permit expediting
  • Utilize finance management database to maintain organization on large-scale projects involving many tasks

Providing superior solutions for over 18 years and licensed in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, Fullerton has successfully participated in the engineering and design of over 30,000 telecommunication sites and hundreds of route miles.