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High Traffic Wireless Solution

High Traffic Wireless Solution


Structural Engineering

Project Overview

A unique type of site design was required to accommodate a jurisdictional use limitation in a high traffic public use area in Chicago. The municipality was looking for a solution to prevent the seasonal installations of multiple “cell on wheels.”

Project Challenge

To create a jurisdiction compliant, discreet site that would support fluctuating capacity needs in a protected public district.

The Fullerton Strategy

Fullerton assisted the client with implementation of a specialized hydraulic pole system that allowed the municipality and the client to achieve the mutual goal of not having a permanent vertical structure in a protected public district area with high seasonal user traffic, while still providing the requisite coverage to client’s network demands. Fullerton served as the design coordinator providing its expertise in engineering of the unique structural components to balance the custom design and the jurisdiction imposed restricted use limitations.  During the course of the project, Fullerton swiftly navigated through other performance tests, which included, project timeline hindering, interactions with several municipal departments and providing extra innovative designs to cope with space restraints of requisite equipment.  Ultimately, the installation was a groundbreaking success.