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Navigating New Site Builds

Navigating New Site Builds


Structural Engineering

Project Overview

As part of the expansion of our client’s network, Fullerton was awarded the A&E design services for a large quantity of new site builds.

Project Challenge

The challenge was to successfully implement the client’s standards for new site builds into the urban, suburban and rural environments, while being flexible and adapting to frequent changes in the scope of work.

The Fullerton Strategy

Fullerton had previously participated in all types of regional sites, allowing it to navigate the difficulties of handling varying site types in this particular project. Examples include an urban design on a chimney of public school system property, suburban designs on municipal water towers and rural designs of guyed towers on farmlands. Fullerton performed all facets of site design, including zoning and construction drawings, structural analysis and design as well as the management of third party services including surveys, 2C certifications and tower and mount mappings.

Fullerton, the client and various real estate consultants worked closely to navigate the challenges of developing new site builds. Constant communication between the dedicated project managers facilitated real-time decision making amongst all parties involved.