Network Integrity Starts Here




Fullerton’s staff of experienced and licensed engineers provides expert engineering consultation to our clients and also maintains a leadership role during the design and construction phases of all projects. To ensure efficient and productive engineering processes, clients engage Fullerton early in the development stages. This approach enables us to work closely with each client to provide conceptual planning and design consulting as early as possible. We focus on understanding each client’s mission, goals and objectives, and ultimately work in tandem with our clients to engineer integrity into their development projects.


The consumer requirement for increased data capacity and speed is driving the need for fiber network expansion in both urban and rural regions. Whether constructing new aerial or underground fiber, modification of existing fiber, or documenting constructed fiber, Fullerton can provide superior telecom and fiber utility services to support these projects across the United States.

Fullerton can provide individual telecom and fiber utility services or turnkey design solutions of services to accommodate the requirements of the fiber or carrier companies executing build outs and upgrades. Fullerton can also provide wired engineering services for fiber backbones, laterals, and last-mile design to educational institutions, small and large enterprises, tower owners and central offices. Supporting the integration of wireless facilities into traditional wired networks is also one of the many telecom and fiber utility services provided by Fullerton.


While advancements in network technology include expanding coverage, capacity-driven solutions such as distributed architectures and cell densification are also necessary to maintain end-user satisfaction. Service providers are constantly driven to provide a seamless and worry-free mobile experience to fulfill consumers’ insatiable appetite for more data.

Our dedicated team of highly-skilled engineers, designers and project managers is focused on assisting clients in the deployment of flexible network solutions such as Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), Small Cells and Wi-Fi.

Structural Engineering

Fullerton is proud of its team of experienced and licensed structural engineers. Our structural engineering professionals understand the importance of rapid and accurate responses to our clients’ structural needs and expectations. Utilizing current technology and the latest software, our in-house, licensed engineers work with a dedicated staff, throughout the design process, to ensure quality work output. At Fullerton, our structural engineers perform design and analysis services for many types of antenna and equipment installations.

Tower Reinforcement

As wireless service providers continue to optimize their network infrastructure, the increased physical demands on existing structures and more stringent building codes have made telecom tower reinforcement a necessity. In an effort to provide enhanced coverage and increased data speeds to the marketplace, towers become overstressed beyond their initial structural capacity.  In order to allow these structures to continue to perform safely in accordance with the current loading conditions and code requirements, reinforcement strategies for both the tower superstructure and foundation must be deployed


Wireless carriers are faced with the enormous challenge of expanding network capacity to meet consumer demand for increased data speeds. Due to the maturation of wireless networks, carriers must creatively look to place new site infrastructure in densely populated urban areas as well as high barrier suburban locations. In these areas, Local residents and public officials will often look to impede the placement of new wireless infrastructure due to their concerns of the impact on neighborhood aesthetics and property values. This is when concealment solutions become necessary.

Fullerton recognizes the challenge of integrating concealment solutions into the site construction process. Creative and cost-effective design tactics are required to solve this challenge. Building on our expertise in site design and engineering solutions, and capitalizing on our close relationships with multiple concealment product manufacturers, Fullerton has created a Concealment Solutions group dedicated to assist in aligning the wireless carriers’ deployment goals with that of landlord and/or jurisdictional development standards

Project Management

With the ever existing peaks and valleys in commerce, many companies have found it necessary to take the more with less approach to business operations, outsourcing many of its project driven tasks.  To assist its clients with navigating these constantly rising and falling tides, Fullerton offers a wide array of project management services.  With service offerings ranging from project development services to full service construction management, Fullerton’s team of multi-disciplined seasoned professionals can provide its clients with hands-on, on-time, on-budget solutions to every project management related challenge.  From site feasibility to final project closeout, Fullerton’s dedicated team will be there with you as a valued consultant and corporate partner